Two years ago today…

I’m excited to be in the final stretch of training for St. George—tapering starts this week. Last night was a bit of a rough swim workout, but this morning came around with a bike and run brick workout.

The run was pretty quick. Not a total balls-out effort, but since I was wearing tri-shorts, compression socks, and my clear lens glasses I felt a awkward shooting for tempo pace, so it was a bit stronger. I’m still super happy that over the 3.7k, I managed to average a 5:09 pace!

This is why I love going back through my archives of past rides and runs. It turns out that two years ago today I coincidentally did the exact same route. I can’t believe how much improvement I’ve made.

Last year / this year / change
Total time:
26:02 / 18:36 / 7:26 faster
Pace: 7:08 / 5:09 / 1:59 improvement
Heart rate: 164 / 161 / 3 bpm lower

I’m still surprised. Granted I was just starting to run again a couple weeks before this. My usual pace at the time was closer to 6:00 when I was actually running, but even comparing the same route to my peak last year (just before Syracuse), I’ve still made considerable improvement. This is just awesome.